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We are proud to introduce Trutein, an ultra-premium protein powder designed for professional athletes. We specifically formulated Trutein to be the best-tasting and most innovative protein available. Consequently, Trutein delivers more health benefits than any other existing protein. Some features include:

  • Sustained-Release Protein Blend of Whey, Micellar Casein & Egg White
  • Recovery Module featuring Omega-3s & Nucleotides
  • Labeling Integrity, i.e. no label dressing
  • Six Delicious Flavors Including:
  • CinnaBun – NEW!!!
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup
  • Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry
  • Chocolate-Covered Banana
  • Vanilla


Just ordered these samples~ a page I follow on FACEBOOK,  highly recommended this product~!  I love that I can sample before buying!  I will try and blog the outcome!  Do you have a favorite protein powder??!!!

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3 panty kinda day

Thursday Feb 16th, 2012 was the best day of my journey thus far…

Every Saturday I plan out my daily/weekly goals.  Last week my friend Tess suggested I try ‘hot yoga’… I was all about it!   I had never done ‘hot yoga’ before, just regular yoga. I never felt limber enough or strong enough… Like most things in my life, I always felt like I was TOO FAT, and everyone would wonder why I was there.   In my training schedule I run Tuesday – Thursday.  I also spin on those days as well!  It has been very beneficial to building up my legs. (which are stronger every day)   We planned to attend the hot yoga at Evolve in Wildewood!!! (which btw is so cute! friendly! clean!) 

Yesterday I woke up, and was ready for the day! On the plan was a 6 mile run, followed my core work, followed by a foam roller session, followed by a relaxing moment or 25 in the sauna!!!!  I felt so great after I was finished!  I came home and made an upside down pumpkin pie, I made a butternut squash mash and a fruit dip! (All hungry girl’s recipes)  The day was moving along nicely, and I even had a great visit from my beautiful sister, Katelyn!  I just love to feed her!  She tried my chili AND my pie…!! She gave it a Thumb’s up!  Finished 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, made coffee and packed my gym bag.  3 towels, extra clothes and 3 water bottles. FULL of ice! 

5pm and my loving and adorable husband walked thru the door!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!  As planned I headed out to World Gym to spin.  I just love the energy, and the people in that spin room.  They welcomed me about 3 months ago (or so, time flies when you are having fun) and it changed my life!   I love being a part of a group.   I love fitting in.  I am both in that room!  For some strange reason, those 60 minutes FLEW BY!  I felt great, drinking 2 bottles of water and soaking up my clothes!  Class was over, and now I wondering IF I was going to be on time to yoga??!!!  I HATE BEING LATE…. absolutely would want to show up a day early, then a minute late….  I changed my clothes, packed my bag of wet clothes, and thanked my coach and friends for a great class!  Out the door I hustled…. off to my first hot yoga session….

During my 20 minute commute, I was day dreaming.  What would it be like? What would the people be like? Would I fit in?  Do I wear socks?  Do I fart if I have to?  ( I was told, EVERYONE FARTS in yoga)(with the amount of fiber I eat, I don’t want to do a test fart in such a close quarters room, especially with it being 105 degrees)….

I arrived EARLY! (YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS). I was greeted by a friendly employee,  and a nice quiet waiting area.  She explained what room I would be in, where the bathroom was, a price list and of course where my cubby was. 

Setting up my mat, and water bottles ( I had over 3 liters of water with me, lol) I was becoming more anxious as the minutes were ticking by.  Class started, and I was ready. Holding my poses, and slipping on my hot, drenched skin.  I was doing it… This was awesome.  90 minutes later, I was red-faced, my clothes were SOAKED and I felt a connection with my body and the universe that made me feel a natural HIGH…  I DID IT!

3 different workouts. 3 different pairs of panties. 3 more levels of happiness I didn’t have on Wednesday… In 2008, I thought I started this journey to lose weight. To be skinny… I NOW realize I started this journey to become the athlete I have ALWAYS dreamed of being.


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 The difference between Fear and Excitement is how you feel about it…


Today was a really Great Valentine’s Day 2012.  I prepared yesterday for today, and all the prep work paid off.  From planning dinner, to my workouts, to my workout clothes, gym bags, book bags and the most important ~ coffee!

I love new weeks.  I look at it as 7 new days to reach some of my small goals.  Today my goal was to eat well, workout and enjoy my family and home as much as possible.  We left the house on our way to school, and about 10 minutes into our trip I suddenly remember that we forgot the shoe box with the Valentine’s for the kiddies. I turn around and head back to the house.  Grab the box and it was back to school.

After dropping of the 3rd grader, my 4-year-old announced we were ‘off to the gym!!!’…. Late for my run, I only had enough time to set up my spin bike, and deliver a  banana  and m&m packets for my workers at World Gym 😀  Spin class was awesome. I am really working on my energy zones.  I am working each class as a training session to make my body stronger. (just 4 weeks away til my first half marathon)

I spent 30 minutes in the sauna, and then I got to chat w/ my sole sister.  Finished up at the gym, and headed home~!  Normal housework, and cleaning! Nice and quiet. JUST the way I LOVE it!

This afternoon, my hubby came home EARLY (90 minutes)!!!! That in itself is a GIFT! 🙂  The boys gave me lovely cards, and a nice bouquet of flowers! Eating dinner together at the table is always a gift, that I cherish! 

The best part is I didnt make this Valentines about BIG boxes of chocolate, or BIG CAKES, or over sized pies, or food that would only hold me back… I made it about family and health and fitness.  THAT is MY gift to myself!

I am really looking forward to running 5m in the morning~ followed by core training, and the sauna!  Then Spinning w/ some of the strongest, most sincere people ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fear & Excitement

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Sunday Run

Good morning to YOU!  Nothing says Sunday morning, like sleeping in… I enjoy waking up early, but I REALLY enjoyed sleeping past my normal 6am wake up to use the bathroom!!!!  I made some breakfast for the littles and the hubby and then geared up for this mornings RUN! 

Meeting up with my sole sister’s down at the Piney Point Museum @ 9:45am… Woke up to a heavy dusting of SNOW on the ground and it was about 24 degrees out ! ! ! !  I was intimidated about the wind as soon as I left my warm, toasty car seat…. BUT IT WAS SUNDAY RUN DAY… my training schedule is set for SUNDAY to be my ‘long’ run day! 

My sole sister’s were there, I was there. I have the ability to run.  SOOOOOOOOOO, it was GO TIME!!!! (searching for satellite), and START!


Within 2 minutes, I had the dreaded feeling as though I was going to pee my pants! DRATS!!!!!!  In the woods I went, I was sure that now my shoes would be snow-covered… I found a spot and relieved myself (reassuring myself that this was the only way I would be able to finish the 6.78 miles). Pulled my pants up, and knocked the snow off my shoes… and I was off… In my head I was thinking what are you doing?????????  The wind was slamming off the water, and the cold air was wrapping itself around me like a polar bear hug.

… On my way out, my pace started out slow, about 11:21.(I’m telling you this now, because the polar bear hug, ah hem I mean the WIND will make its ugly return)

Feeling pretty good and made it to mile 3.50 and the turn around… THERE IT WAS!!!!!! The wind.. and ohhhhhhh did she blow.  My pace went from 8:25 avg. down to 10:22… a whole 2 minute drop for about 2.5 miles… IT literally was beating me down…  Somewhere between mile 3.50 and 5, there was a house that had two dogs come down the stairs towards me as if they were coming to have THEIR last meal… I lost focus between the wind, cold and dogs and stepped of the road, and rolled my ankle… I was NOT pleased with myself of the dogs… and I was sure to let out a few vulgar words to make myself feel better, and then PRESSED ON INTO THE WIND…

Finished up the 7 miles, 63:13.. NOT my best time… but my HARDEST RUN to date!!!

In the dictionary, it is the ONLY place you find success before work.

Polar Bear WIND hug


After a missing my meeting a week ago, and eating NOT so on the plan… I had a gain this morning… and it wasn’t as big as I was in fear of.

Total gain of 4 lbs… and some might say, OH WHAT ARE YOU SO UPSET ABOUT?? ITS ONNNNNNNNNNLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY 4 pounds???!!! 

I started my morning off on the right foot, and then the left and the right again. I hit the treadmill at a little after 6 am for a 3 mile training session… went great! SOAKED!!!!

 Packed up my Weight watchers bag, FULL of food, and water and vitamins! Grabbed my gym bag and was out the door around 7am!  On to my meeting where there were plenty of GREAT men and women to greet me. 

Time to climb the scale…as I have been doing for the past 12 months EVERY SATURDAY morning at or near 730am…. I knew what was coming, and I really wasn’t afraid of the gain… I was more ashamed of it.  I have been doing so well when it comes to losing weight.  I have been consistently DROPPING and SHEDDING inches… I wouldn’t want anyone to see ME gain weight… The scale showed all the junk I had put in my mouth over two weeks… one of the items being a cheeseburger w/ a fried egg, and fried bacon… along w/ mini corn dogs… and french fries….. WAIT (insert scratch of a record sound)…..  THAT WAS THE OLD ME… I am better than the junk I ate over the past two weeks… SO what If I ran like 60 miles and bikes 300 miles….. SO WHAT??!!! It isn’t about killing yourself by working out… It is about eating in moderation and GOOD FOOD!  (well for me, that IS what has worked)

Headed out of my meeting feeling refreshed. Feeling BETTER about myself, and my choices. READY FOR A NEW WEEK.  I will beat this week UP 🙂  Showed up to the gym, with minutes to spare… NO bikes were available… THANK GOD I SIGNED UP 🙂 the lady that didnt sign up was non TOO PLEASED…. I had an incredible ride.  I absolutely ADORE the people in the spin room. > Great energy, and focused individuals with a VIBE that is intoxicating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOAKED!!!!!!


 I couldn’t wait to peel my body from the bike and head out to the sauna… It was so warm, and I hung out for a while, until it was time to head out to my sons soccer game! 

It isnt everyday that I soak TWO pairs of panties before 10:30 am 🙂

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A Good Idea at the Time: A Cautionary Valentine’s Tale

this is adorable!~ I want everyone to see it!

Superhero Underpants

I am not a fan of the way Americans tend to celebrate minor holidays, as though they were cosponsored by The Association of Sugar Beet Growers and whoever manufactures insulin for the mass market.

As Husbot–who never uses the last paper towel on the roll because of the glue–can attest, waste makes me unreasonable. And so when I returned to the garden yesterday, and saw the row of carrots–which get less sweet with each passing day–I can sympathize–stretching into the distance, I decided to make their little carrot lives count. I dug and yanked and dug and yanked, thinking, I will make carrot soup, and carrot cake, and carrot pancakes. I will give these to neighbors, and friends, and teachers, and I will bring them to the Toddler Valentines Party. Every toddler should know what a carrot is supposed to taste like. My own have been eating them like candy…

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