A food scale

Have you ever worked out, and had lots of good healthy foods… but NO movement on the scale?

What if I told you, a food scale would help the numbers budge. 

I have lost almost 200 pounds by weighing and measuring my foods.

I love measuring spoons, cups and a food scale.  Helps w/ the GUESSING??? if this is a serving…. and allows you to KNOW just how much you are eating!



  EVEN Cake! EVEN Ice Cream! EVEN CANDY and COOKIES… but let’s be honest… I havent lost this MUCH weight, eating those types of foods on the regular…. I HIGHLY suggest to all my family and friends to purchase a  food scales. The digital machines work best. NO NEED TO LOOK AT THE NEEDLE and wonder????? is THIS IT?? how about NOW??? !!! 


THis is my latest NEW meal!  SIMPLE and LOW PPV

1 serving (2 oz. albacore tuna), 3 tablespoons (1.50 oz) salsa 1 tablespoon (.50 oz) Chobani Greek Yogurt 2 white cheddar rice cakes


mix the first ingredients all together. TOP them on the rice cakes.!!!


great lunch!


Happy Eating!


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