A Good Idea at the Time: A Cautionary Valentine’s Tale

this is adorable!~ I want everyone to see it!

Superhero Underpants

I am not a fan of the way Americans tend to celebrate minor holidays, as though they were cosponsored by The Association of Sugar Beet Growers and whoever manufactures insulin for the mass market.

As Husbot–who never uses the last paper towel on the roll because of the glue–can attest, waste makes me unreasonable. And so when I returned to the garden yesterday, and saw the row of carrots–which get less sweet with each passing day–I can sympathize–stretching into the distance, I decided to make their little carrot lives count. I dug and yanked and dug and yanked, thinking, I will make carrot soup, and carrot cake, and carrot pancakes. I will give these to neighbors, and friends, and teachers, and I will bring them to the Toddler Valentines Party. Every toddler should know what a carrot is supposed to taste like. My own have been eating them like candy…

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By shapetj

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