I havent met a person in my life that doesnt love PIZZA!  considering there are SO many ways to put a pizza together… it is ENDLESS 🙂

Here is my BBQ chicken pizza. ONE of the many pizza’s I love to serve and EAT! (I love to eat *smile*)

Cook Chicken 10 oz.  in Sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce (yes, in the sauce) Or use my BBQ crock pot chicken recipe

cook up 6 slices of bacon

slice up green onions

cheddar cheese

extra bbq sauce ( I like the sweet and spicy, but whatever tickles your tongue)

I use a pizza crust (mamma mia or boboli)

After chicken is cooked, dice it up in the pan with a spatula.  Spread chicken around the pizza crust, top w/ cheese, bacon and green onions (red onions would be tasty too) and crumble the bacon on top. Top with more cheese and cook in a 350 degree oven for about 10-15 min. OR until cheese is melted.  You want the ingredients to marry one another on top 🙂



By shapetj

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