Super Bowl Dash


This was the 2nd time I had ever run 10 miles.  Last Sunday Feb. 5th 2012…. it was a 10 mile loop, and I was pumped.


The morning of, I left my house and it was cold, cloudy, rainy and some snow flakes were mixing in! 

Starting the run, there were no rays of sun to be found, and I was nervous about COLD and WIND and RAIN… but that is the beauty of taking a chance.  Before losing all the weight, I would have said I couldnt do it, and that I was not ready.  I would have stayed home and eaten all the goodies in the pantry and then complained about how fat/heavy I was….

NOT THIS MORNING… I set of on mile one… Light rain, and cold and a little wind… after about 3 miles… my pace was great, the rain had stopped and I was warm enough to take off my first of 3 layers…

Around mile 5, the sun was shining and the rest of the run was FANTASTIC… On mile 8 or so, my music cut out on me… and I have actually learned to run with out music. (something I never DID BEFORE!!! I LOVE LOUD MUSIC) 8:22 WAS MY LAST MILE…. I PUSHED THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!


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