That’s a ‘WRAP’

Wraps a plenty

I love a great sandwich!  My true loves are Wraps.  They remind me of sushi, and well I LOVE LOVE sushi! 

I found Joseph’s wraps at Wal-Mart and BJ’s.  They are 2 ppv for 1 full sheet.  OR 1 PPV for just 1/2.
This is my favorite TOGO food.  Food on the go is important. Especially when I am in a hurry. I do NOT eat fast food.  This is a great way to keep full too!
2 servings (12 slices) of oscar mayer DELI fresh french dip roast beef (2ppv)
1/2 Joseph’s wrap (1ppv)
1 smoked flavored weight watcher cheese stick (1 ppv)
1 tsp bbq sauce (0 ppv)
Roll it up and slice it. 
I always put my wrap in a shallow bowl.  Before I place the wrap inside, I smear the bbq sauce on the bottom, and dip it in 🙂

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