After a missing my meeting a week ago, and eating NOT so on the plan… I had a gain this morning… and it wasn’t as big as I was in fear of.

Total gain of 4 lbs… and some might say, OH WHAT ARE YOU SO UPSET ABOUT?? ITS ONNNNNNNNNNLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY 4 pounds???!!! 

I started my morning off on the right foot, and then the left and the right again. I hit the treadmill at a little after 6 am for a 3 mile training session… went great! SOAKED!!!!

 Packed up my Weight watchers bag, FULL of food, and water and vitamins! Grabbed my gym bag and was out the door around 7am!  On to my meeting where there were plenty of GREAT men and women to greet me. 

Time to climb the scale…as I have been doing for the past 12 months EVERY SATURDAY morning at or near 730am…. I knew what was coming, and I really wasn’t afraid of the gain… I was more ashamed of it.  I have been doing so well when it comes to losing weight.  I have been consistently DROPPING and SHEDDING inches… I wouldn’t want anyone to see ME gain weight… The scale showed all the junk I had put in my mouth over two weeks… one of the items being a cheeseburger w/ a fried egg, and fried bacon… along w/ mini corn dogs… and french fries….. WAIT (insert scratch of a record sound)…..  THAT WAS THE OLD ME… I am better than the junk I ate over the past two weeks… SO what If I ran like 60 miles and bikes 300 miles….. SO WHAT??!!! It isn’t about killing yourself by working out… It is about eating in moderation and GOOD FOOD!  (well for me, that IS what has worked)

Headed out of my meeting feeling refreshed. Feeling BETTER about myself, and my choices. READY FOR A NEW WEEK.  I will beat this week UP 🙂  Showed up to the gym, with minutes to spare… NO bikes were available… THANK GOD I SIGNED UP 🙂 the lady that didnt sign up was non TOO PLEASED…. I had an incredible ride.  I absolutely ADORE the people in the spin room. > Great energy, and focused individuals with a VIBE that is intoxicating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOAKED!!!!!!


 I couldn’t wait to peel my body from the bike and head out to the sauna… It was so warm, and I hung out for a while, until it was time to head out to my sons soccer game! 

It isnt everyday that I soak TWO pairs of panties before 10:30 am 🙂

By shapetj

5 comments on “Soaked???

  1. WTG on your attitude about your weight gain, Shannon. A gain is not the end of the world as long as it motivates you back on track.
    It’s also good for MY outlook. After hitting “lifetime” I relaxed my discipline and gained 8 pounds. I’m back in the groove to knock them off. And they comin’ off… I say with my mouth that I’ll always have to discipline myself and then I find out IT’S THE TRUTH! Lots of folks love you and are cheering for you. Let that motivate you to plan and stick with the program! ❤

    • Lovely indeed, Emma. You are my kind of angel. Continue to shine your light … with me and everyone you meet. I just love it!!!

      I am rooting for you also! Soon enough, I will be where I have dreamed of.

      ThANK you!

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