The difference between Fear and Excitement is how you feel about it…


Today was a really Great Valentine’s Day 2012.  I prepared yesterday for today, and all the prep work paid off.  From planning dinner, to my workouts, to my workout clothes, gym bags, book bags and the most important ~ coffee!

I love new weeks.  I look at it as 7 new days to reach some of my small goals.  Today my goal was to eat well, workout and enjoy my family and home as much as possible.  We left the house on our way to school, and about 10 minutes into our trip I suddenly remember that we forgot the shoe box with the Valentine’s for the kiddies. I turn around and head back to the house.  Grab the box and it was back to school.

After dropping of the 3rd grader, my 4-year-old announced we were ‘off to the gym!!!’…. Late for my run, I only had enough time to set up my spin bike, and deliver a  banana  and m&m packets for my workers at World Gym 😀  Spin class was awesome. I am really working on my energy zones.  I am working each class as a training session to make my body stronger. (just 4 weeks away til my first half marathon)

I spent 30 minutes in the sauna, and then I got to chat w/ my sole sister.  Finished up at the gym, and headed home~!  Normal housework, and cleaning! Nice and quiet. JUST the way I LOVE it!

This afternoon, my hubby came home EARLY (90 minutes)!!!! That in itself is a GIFT! 🙂  The boys gave me lovely cards, and a nice bouquet of flowers! Eating dinner together at the table is always a gift, that I cherish! 

The best part is I didnt make this Valentines about BIG boxes of chocolate, or BIG CAKES, or over sized pies, or food that would only hold me back… I made it about family and health and fitness.  THAT is MY gift to myself!

I am really looking forward to running 5m in the morning~ followed by core training, and the sauna!  Then Spinning w/ some of the strongest, most sincere people ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fear & Excitement

By shapetj

One comment on “Fear & Excitement

  1. Just stopping by to say thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my “freshly pressed” post a couple of days ago. It sounds like you had a very nice Valentine’s Day 🙂

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