3 panty kinda day

Thursday Feb 16th, 2012 was the best day of my journey thus far…

Every Saturday I plan out my daily/weekly goals.  Last week my friend Tess suggested I try ‘hot yoga’… I was all about it!   I had never done ‘hot yoga’ before, just regular yoga. I never felt limber enough or strong enough… Like most things in my life, I always felt like I was TOO FAT, and everyone would wonder why I was there.   In my training schedule I run Tuesday – Thursday.  I also spin on those days as well!  It has been very beneficial to building up my legs. (which are stronger every day)   We planned to attend the hot yoga at Evolve in Wildewood!!! (which btw is so cute! friendly! clean!) 

Yesterday I woke up, and was ready for the day! On the plan was a 6 mile run, followed my core work, followed by a foam roller session, followed by a relaxing moment or 25 in the sauna!!!!  I felt so great after I was finished!  I came home and made an upside down pumpkin pie, I made a butternut squash mash and a fruit dip! (All hungry girl’s recipes)  The day was moving along nicely, and I even had a great visit from my beautiful sister, Katelyn!  I just love to feed her!  She tried my chili AND my pie…!! She gave it a Thumb’s up!  Finished 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, made coffee and packed my gym bag.  3 towels, extra clothes and 3 water bottles. FULL of ice! 

5pm and my loving and adorable husband walked thru the door!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!  As planned I headed out to World Gym to spin.  I just love the energy, and the people in that spin room.  They welcomed me about 3 months ago (or so, time flies when you are having fun) and it changed my life!   I love being a part of a group.   I love fitting in.  I am both in that room!  For some strange reason, those 60 minutes FLEW BY!  I felt great, drinking 2 bottles of water and soaking up my clothes!  Class was over, and now I wondering IF I was going to be on time to yoga??!!!  I HATE BEING LATE…. absolutely would want to show up a day early, then a minute late….  I changed my clothes, packed my bag of wet clothes, and thanked my coach and friends for a great class!  Out the door I hustled…. off to my first hot yoga session….

During my 20 minute commute, I was day dreaming.  What would it be like? What would the people be like? Would I fit in?  Do I wear socks?  Do I fart if I have to?  ( I was told, EVERYONE FARTS in yoga)(with the amount of fiber I eat, I don’t want to do a test fart in such a close quarters room, especially with it being 105 degrees)….

I arrived EARLY! (YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS). I was greeted by a friendly employee,  and a nice quiet waiting area.  She explained what room I would be in, where the bathroom was, a price list and of course where my cubby was. 

Setting up my mat, and water bottles ( I had over 3 liters of water with me, lol) I was becoming more anxious as the minutes were ticking by.  Class started, and I was ready. Holding my poses, and slipping on my hot, drenched skin.  I was doing it… This was awesome.  90 minutes later, I was red-faced, my clothes were SOAKED and I felt a connection with my body and the universe that made me feel a natural HIGH…  I DID IT!

3 different workouts. 3 different pairs of panties. 3 more levels of happiness I didn’t have on Wednesday… In 2008, I thought I started this journey to lose weight. To be skinny… I NOW realize I started this journey to become the athlete I have ALWAYS dreamed of being.


By shapetj

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