Super Bowl Dash


This was the 2nd time I had ever run 10 miles.  Last Sunday Feb. 5th 2012…. it was a 10 mile loop, and I was pumped.


The morning of, I left my house and it was cold, cloudy, rainy and some snow flakes were mixing in! 

Starting the run, there were no rays of sun to be found, and I was nervous about COLD and WIND and RAIN… but that is the beauty of taking a chance.  Before losing all the weight, I would have said I couldnt do it, and that I was not ready.  I would have stayed home and eaten all the goodies in the pantry and then complained about how fat/heavy I was….

NOT THIS MORNING… I set of on mile one… Light rain, and cold and a little wind… after about 3 miles… my pace was great, the rain had stopped and I was warm enough to take off my first of 3 layers…

Around mile 5, the sun was shining and the rest of the run was FANTASTIC… On mile 8 or so, my music cut out on me… and I have actually learned to run with out music. (something I never DID BEFORE!!! I LOVE LOUD MUSIC) 8:22 WAS MY LAST MILE…. I PUSHED THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!


A food scale

Have you ever worked out, and had lots of good healthy foods… but NO movement on the scale?

What if I told you, a food scale would help the numbers budge. 

I have lost almost 200 pounds by weighing and measuring my foods.

I love measuring spoons, cups and a food scale.  Helps w/ the GUESSING??? if this is a serving…. and allows you to KNOW just how much you are eating!



  EVEN Cake! EVEN Ice Cream! EVEN CANDY and COOKIES… but let’s be honest… I havent lost this MUCH weight, eating those types of foods on the regular…. I HIGHLY suggest to all my family and friends to purchase a  food scales. The digital machines work best. NO NEED TO LOOK AT THE NEEDLE and wonder????? is THIS IT?? how about NOW??? !!! 


THis is my latest NEW meal!  SIMPLE and LOW PPV

1 serving (2 oz. albacore tuna), 3 tablespoons (1.50 oz) salsa 1 tablespoon (.50 oz) Chobani Greek Yogurt 2 white cheddar rice cakes


mix the first ingredients all together. TOP them on the rice cakes.!!!


great lunch!


Happy Eating!


I love pinterest.  I believe it has allowed me to find more creativity. TONS of crafts, and recipes!  If you havent been invited ( yes, you must be invited email)  ask a friend today.

Start living, START PINNING 🙂  Happy Eating !

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Here is a slide show of my transformation over the past 4 years

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That’s a ‘WRAP’

Wraps a plenty

I love a great sandwich!  My true loves are Wraps.  They remind me of sushi, and well I LOVE LOVE sushi! 

I found Joseph’s wraps at Wal-Mart and BJ’s.  They are 2 ppv for 1 full sheet.  OR 1 PPV for just 1/2.
This is my favorite TOGO food.  Food on the go is important. Especially when I am in a hurry. I do NOT eat fast food.  This is a great way to keep full too!
2 servings (12 slices) of oscar mayer DELI fresh french dip roast beef (2ppv)
1/2 Joseph’s wrap (1ppv)
1 smoked flavored weight watcher cheese stick (1 ppv)
1 tsp bbq sauce (0 ppv)
Roll it up and slice it. 
I always put my wrap in a shallow bowl.  Before I place the wrap inside, I smear the bbq sauce on the bottom, and dip it in 🙂


I havent met a person in my life that doesnt love PIZZA!  considering there are SO many ways to put a pizza together… it is ENDLESS 🙂

Here is my BBQ chicken pizza. ONE of the many pizza’s I love to serve and EAT! (I love to eat *smile*)

Cook Chicken 10 oz.  in Sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce (yes, in the sauce) Or use my BBQ crock pot chicken recipe

cook up 6 slices of bacon

slice up green onions

cheddar cheese

extra bbq sauce ( I like the sweet and spicy, but whatever tickles your tongue)

I use a pizza crust (mamma mia or boboli)

After chicken is cooked, dice it up in the pan with a spatula.  Spread chicken around the pizza crust, top w/ cheese, bacon and green onions (red onions would be tasty too) and crumble the bacon on top. Top with more cheese and cook in a 350 degree oven for about 10-15 min. OR until cheese is melted.  You want the ingredients to marry one another on top 🙂



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Running my FIRST 10 miles EVER! at the age of 35

In my quest to find new FUN and exciting activities… I found Running… and YES that bug bit me…. and WELL, I liked it… (wait is that a Katy Perry song???)


I set out to run 10 miles and I accomplished it!  One of the many reasons I believe I have found such great success is that I believe in setting SMALL goals.  No, 10 miles was NOT my first goal, or my 2nd… it actually wasnt even on the list in 2011.  I started commiting to running in October 2011.  Thanksgiving day I ran 6 miles for the first time in my life… and slowly I made my way up!   Here is a photo showing you my new best Friend. My garmin.  She keeps me going all the TIME.  Santa (aka as my loving and supportive husband) picked the beauty up for me.  I love HIM and HER very much!

10 miles for the first time

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Lunch (or dinner)

I am a huge fan of salad. Not only is it good for you.. .but you can really make it however you like. Simular to pizza 🙂 


That is another post, another time !!! 


Here is a break down of what is on THIS salad!!!

Chicken(4 oz) 4ppv

beans (2oz) 1ppv

 avacado(2oz) 2ppv

 cheese (fat free cheddar) 1ppv

 lettuce o

green chilies o salsa o chips (1oz) 3ppv yogurt o…. 11 ppv!!!! Happy eating!!! 



OH and PPV is Points Plus Value  (weight watchers)

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Shopping in places of the store I only thought were for OTHER people

A few weeks ago, I was shopping the fitness section of Old navy… and the clearance section caught my eye… (of course it did, every good shopper knows that there are REALLY GREAT DEALS TO BE HAD )


As I was shopping, I suddenly realized I was shopping in a place that I thought was only for other people.  I am actually in sizes I dreamed of being in.  I am living my dreams. Dreams of NOT being obese.  Here is a quick photo.  Yes I realize it is just a # 6 and 8… but for me it is icing on the cake! ( yes, I still eat cake)

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