Sunday Run

Good morning to YOU!  Nothing says Sunday morning, like sleeping in… I enjoy waking up early, but I REALLY enjoyed sleeping past my normal 6am wake up to use the bathroom!!!!  I made some breakfast for the littles and the hubby and then geared up for this mornings RUN! 

Meeting up with my sole sister’s down at the Piney Point Museum @ 9:45am… Woke up to a heavy dusting of SNOW on the ground and it was about 24 degrees out ! ! ! !  I was intimidated about the wind as soon as I left my warm, toasty car seat…. BUT IT WAS SUNDAY RUN DAY… my training schedule is set for SUNDAY to be my ‘long’ run day! 

My sole sister’s were there, I was there. I have the ability to run.  SOOOOOOOOOO, it was GO TIME!!!! (searching for satellite), and START!


Within 2 minutes, I had the dreaded feeling as though I was going to pee my pants! DRATS!!!!!!  In the woods I went, I was sure that now my shoes would be snow-covered… I found a spot and relieved myself (reassuring myself that this was the only way I would be able to finish the 6.78 miles). Pulled my pants up, and knocked the snow off my shoes… and I was off… In my head I was thinking what are you doing?????????  The wind was slamming off the water, and the cold air was wrapping itself around me like a polar bear hug.

… On my way out, my pace started out slow, about 11:21.(I’m telling you this now, because the polar bear hug, ah hem I mean the WIND will make its ugly return)

Feeling pretty good and made it to mile 3.50 and the turn around… THERE IT WAS!!!!!! The wind.. and ohhhhhhh did she blow.  My pace went from 8:25 avg. down to 10:22… a whole 2 minute drop for about 2.5 miles… IT literally was beating me down…  Somewhere between mile 3.50 and 5, there was a house that had two dogs come down the stairs towards me as if they were coming to have THEIR last meal… I lost focus between the wind, cold and dogs and stepped of the road, and rolled my ankle… I was NOT pleased with myself of the dogs… and I was sure to let out a few vulgar words to make myself feel better, and then PRESSED ON INTO THE WIND…

Finished up the 7 miles, 63:13.. NOT my best time… but my HARDEST RUN to date!!!

In the dictionary, it is the ONLY place you find success before work.

Polar Bear WIND hug